ADI with information about their new Manufacturing Facility

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Update on the New Modernised Propellant Manufacturing Facility 

ADI Article

It is up and running and the new powders are hitting the civilian market very soon.


"The readers may recall last year’s article explaining some aspects of the transition of Mulwala propellant manufacturing from the old 1940s-era factory into the modernised manufacturing facility which has improved environmental and safety benefits. The new propellant facility, commissioned by the Commonwealth, utilises modern technology to reduce environmental risks and impacts, while improving safety in processing. The following information is targeted toward you, our product users, to give you feedback on the switch to this new facility and what to expect in the future. Australian Munitions is actively transitioning propellant manufacturing from the old facility to the new, with over two dozen propellant variants for both military and civil applications. These products include propellants for shotgun, pistol, rifle, medium and large calibre applications."