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Prochrono DLX

Introducing the ProChrono DLX ballistic chronograph with improved accuracy specs and built-in Blueto..

SKU: CEI-3820

Prochrono Digital

The ProChrono Digital accurately measures the velocity of almost anything that shoots with its large..

SKU: CEI-3800

Prochrono Pal

The ProChrono Pal accurately measures the velocity of almost anything that shoots at an economical p..

SKU: CEI-3900

Pocket Pro Shot Timer

Our classic model…..still a favorite! The Pocket Pro measures shot time intervals for personal pract..

SKU: CEI-2800

Pocket Pro 11 - Blue Shot Timer

Our latest design……Refined! The Pocket Pro II measures shot time intervals for personal practice and..

SKU: CEI-4700

Pro Timer 4-Super Shot Timer

Designed for maximum versatility! Hit factor scoring and external accessory connections set this sho..

SKU: CEI-2300

Carrying Case for Shot Timer

This handy case will protect your timer during transport and storage. It features a zipper storage c..

SKU: CEI-4707

Indoor Light System

The ideal light source for your ProChrono! The Indoor Lighting System from Competition Electronics i..

SKU: CEI-4100

Digital USB Interface

Connect the ProChrono Digital chronograph to your Windows PC! The Digital USB Remote from Competitio..

SKU: CEI-3810

Bluetooth Adaptor

Wireless connection for your ProChrono Digital! The Digital Link from Competition Electronics takes ..

SKU: CEI-3812

Splat Guard Debris Shield

Replacement guide wires(4) and diffuser hoods(2) for use with all Prochrono models. Lexan Debris Shi..

SKU: CEI-2519