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Vihtavuori N110 1lb Gun Powder

The fastest burning rifle powder from Vihtavuori. Similar to Hodgdon H110 and Winchester 296. N110 c..

Vihtavuori N133 1lb Gun Powder

A choice of many bench rest and standard rifle shooters who are using 6 mm PPC. Used also in many lo..

Vihtavuori N135 1lb Gun Powder

An excellent powder for .308 Winchester loads with bullet weight less than 10 grams (155 grains). It..

Vihtavuori N140 1lb Gun Powder

A true multipurpose powder, which can usually be used in place of IMR4320, Reloder 15 or Hodgdon H38..

Vihtavuori N150 1lb Gun Powder

This powder burns a bit slower than N140 and works as well as Hodgdon H414 and Winchester 760. Typic..

Vihtavuori N160 1lb Gun Powder

Slow burning powder for Magnum cartridges and calibers with large case volume and comparatively smal..

Vihtavuori N165 1lb Gun Powder

A very slow burning powder for Magnum cartridges with heavy bullets. N165 offers performance equal t..

Vihtavuori N530 1lb Gun Powder

This is the fastest burning reloading powder in the N500 series and its burning rate is close to Vih..

Vihtavuori N540 1lb Gun Powder

Faster burning powder with a burning rate like with N140 and close to Hodgdon H414 and Winchester 76..

Vihtavuori N550 1lb Gun Powder

The burning rate of N550 reloading powder is like with N150 and close to IMR 4350 and Reloder 19. Go..

Vihtavuori N560 1lb Gun Powder

The burning rate of N560 is between N160 and N165 and close to Norma MRP and Reloder 22. This is a r..

Vihtavuori N570 1lb Gun Powder

This is the newest member of the N500 series reloading powders and also the slowest burning. The bur..

Vihtavuori 20N29 8lb Gun Powder

For .50 BMG there are two special Vihtavuori reloading powders available: 24N41 and 20N29. They are,..